We are aware that an attempt has been made today to impersonate this firm and to contact a client requesting money. Our email accounts are secure and information did not come from us but please be very vigilant. We will NEVER email our bank account details and if you receive a request to transfer monies, telephone the office and speak to somebody you know. 

6th Sept 2023

We are a firm of solicitors who make legal services accessible and convenient whilst offering real specialism and experience

We have two offices in Hythe and Totton Hampshire.  We look after clients in Hampshire and nationally.

We believe in transparency. We are transparent about who we are, what we specialise in and how much we charge.

Whilst we encourage clients to call in and see the team, we have meeting rooms in both offices to ensure that clients are able to talk freely and confidentially.

We are also able offer meetings using Zoom, Teams, Skype Facetime and Google Meet.





“You have been by far the best solicitors I’ve ever dealt with -extremely professional, excellent communication, great advice friendly & above all human!”


Important message 


Please be aware of cyber crime. We do not routinely send our bank details by email.

If you receive an email from us requesting payment please telephone the office before sending any funds to verify the payment details. Please ring the office landline and only speak to a person who is familiar with you and your file. our bank details WILL NOT change during the course of your matter with us. We will not be responsible nor liable if you transfer funds to an incorrect bank account.