Wills And Probate


We offer a free 20 min initial face to face consultation for people who need help when someone near them dies. We will help with:

  • the first things to do

  • what probate means and whether it is needed

  • who is gong to deal with administering the estate and what the role entails

  • what happens next

  • the costs involved and the time it will take

Probate Fees


We have set out below the fees we charge for a straightforward application to obtain a Grant of Probate, Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed or Grant of Letters of Administration:

  • For preparing the application and preparing an HMRC Form IHT205:

  • £600 plus VAT (Total £720)

  • For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Forms IHT205 and IHT217:

  • £700 plus VAT (Total £840)

  • For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Form IHT400 (a longer Inheritance Tax Form) but excluding any application for Residential Nil Rate Band:

  • £850 plus VAT (Total £1,020).

  • For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Form IHT400 and to include making an application for Residential Nil Rate Band and/or Transferable Residential Nil Rate Band:

  • £950 plus VAT (Total £1,140).

There is an additional fee payable in all cases of £155 to the Probate Registry for the issue of a Grant of Representation. A copy of the Grant that is stamped with the embossed seal of the Court costs £1.50.

These costs are based on the time taken to prepare the application forms. Should the application be unusual in nature or in time required to make it we will advise you in advance of how much additional work is envisaged and what the additional costs would be.

They do not include any charges for the administration of a deceased estate.

The Administration of a deceased estate would be charged at an hourly rate. This would involve all the elements of winding up and distributing a deceased estate. It would not include any costs incurred for the sale of particular assets (i.e selling a house or a stockbroker’s commission selling shares). A lot depends on the complexity of the estate and the number of beneficiaries. Recent costs have ranged from £1,850 plus VAT to £7,900 plus VAT.

The costs of locating beneficiaries (Genealogist’s fees) would be extra and would depend on the amount of research undertaken.

Work is carried out by Matthew Knight, who is a specialist solicitor who qualified in 1998 and has practised in this area since then. Matthew Knight’s present hourly charging rate is £200 per hour plus VAT. (£240 per hour incl VAT). This rate is subject to review.

If you would like to know more please call Matthew Knight on 02380 849381


It is always best to draw up a will. Not only is this a good way to avoid disputes and to ensure that your wishes are met, you can also protect the inheritance you leave behind in a number of different ways.

Around 2.5 million Will locations are recorded in the Certainty National Will Register, and this number grows rapidly on a daily basis. Plus, unregistered Wills are being found through the National Will Search service providing a great service and comfort to families and beneficiaries. The Waring Partnership LLP is one of only a few firms in this region which offer the registration of  Wills through Certainty.co.uk

We  also provide advice on the following issues:

  • Lasting and General Powers of Attorney

  • Intestacy

  • Trusts

  • Court of Protection

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss this area, please call Matthew Knight on 02380 849381

or use our contact form .