December 5th, 2018,

Prices for conveyancing

The fees for acting for you on a sale or a purchase depend on a number of factors. Our base fee range is as follows.


Sale price Band

Up to £750,000                   £600-1000 plus VAT

£750,000 -£1,000,000          £1000-£1250 plus VAT

£1,000,000-£1,250,000        £1250-£1750 plus VAT

£1,250,000 and higher From £1750 plus VAT*


Up to £750,000                     £600-1000 plus VAT

£750,000-£1,000,000             £1000-£1250 plus VAT

£1,000,000-£1,250,000           £1250-£1750 plus VAT

£1,250,000 and higher from £1750 plus VAT*

Where there is to be a mortgage we do not charge an additional fee for acting for the lender.

*We will agree a bespoke quote with you for completing your sale and purchase.

In addition to the fixed base price there are normally the following additional fees and expenses


Telegraphic transfer fee to pay off a mortgage                                £50.00 Plus VAT
Office copies of the Title                                                   £ 6.00
Payment to you of the proceeds of sale by bank transfer             £ 10-35 plus VAT


Search Fees From £170
Bankruptcy search £4.00
Land Registry search £3.00
Land Registry Fee dependant on purchase price
Stamp Duty Land Tax Dependant on a number of factors

If the following become apparent during the transaction the following charges will apply;

Unregistered land                                                                                         £100 plus VAT = £120
Repossession/newbuild supplement                                                       £100 plus VAT = £120
Forces Help to Buy Scheme –                                                                     £100 plus VAT = £120
Second charges or further borrowing                                                        £100 plus VAT = £120
Leasehold properties                                                                                    £100 plus VAT = £120

The sale work will consist of the following:
(a) drafting a contract package;
b) assisting you in answering replies to additional enquiries;
(c) negotiating a transfer document;
(d) proceeding to exchange of contracts and then completion of the sale;
(g) redeeming your mortgage (if appropriate), settling your estate agents’ commission account (if appropriate)

The purchase work will consist of the following:
(a) investigating the title to the property, to include:
(i) carrying out searches with respect to title and local government information for the property;
(ii) reviewing replies given by the seller to pre-contract enquiries;
(b) negotiating a purchase contract;
(c) negotiating a transfer document;
(d) advising you in respect of your mortgage offer;
(e) preparing a report on title;
(f) proceeding to exchange of contracts and then completion of the purchase;
(g) transferring funds by telegraphic transfer to the seller’s solicitors and for relevant taxes;
(h) calculating stamp duty land tax (SDLT) on the purchase and preparing and submitting to HM Revenue & Customs the appropriate SDLT forms; and
(i) registering the purchase and the mortgage at the Land Registry.
We will not be carrying out any enquires into the past use of the property and will assume that you will be using it for residential purposes. The local search will not reveal planning applications in the vicinity of the property and if you require more information about this we would recommend that you look on the local Council’s website. We will not be dealing with the transfer of any guarantees and you will need to take appropriate meter readings and notify the utility companies accordingly. We would also recommend that you have your own survey carried out as you buy the property subject to the phrase “the buyer beware” and would also suggest that you ensure you can arrange suitable buildings insurance before we exchange contracts.

The price has been calculated on the basis that:
(a) both properties are currently held under a single freehold title at the Land Registry with no title defects;
(b) one contract is submitted to one purchaser;
(c) the sale and purchase will be on the basis of an unconditional contract and the property is acquired with vacant possession;
(d) completion takes place on the date agreed in the contract;

If it becomes apparent that there are unforeseen circumstances in connection with the sale and purchase we may have to increase our charges, but if that is the case, we shall inform you before we incur any additional costs.

If you are buying a leasehold property we may have to give formal notice to the freeholder that you are the new legal owner and there may be fees charged by the freeholder. Furthermore if you are selling a leasehold property we may have to obtain management information from the managing agents or freeholder. They may make a charge for providing this information which you will need to pay for upfront.
The fees payable for the transmission of your SDLT return do not include any subsequent correspondence with HMRC except in circumstances where the issue has been caused by us.
If we find that any other additional expenses need to be incurred after we have considered the contract, searches and title documents, we shall let you know the reason for the extra expense, the likely amount, and when we shall need payment.
If, for any reason, we have to abort the transaction related to the sale or purchase of your property, we will break the transaction down into stages and advise what percentage of the estimated fee will be charged at each stage.

The fees are the normally the same irrespective of which office is dealing with the transaction.

The members of each office team are:


Andrea Waring – Solicitor Head of Property and partner. Supervisor of both offices. MLO officer. Qualified 2000. Specialist property solicitor since qualifying. Hourly rate where a fixed price has not been given £200 plus VAT.

Support Staff
Susan Bullivant- legal Assistant. Dealing principally with post exchange and post completion work. Highly experienced.
Jenny Jewell- Legal assistant


Paul Waring Senior partner – Solicitor supervisor of Totton Office

Rebecca Freeman Senior conveyancing executive lead conveyancer in the Totton office
Melissa Chester – Trainee legal Executive. Experienced in residential and commercial property. Supporting Rebecca Freeman
Tina Millard-Very experienced Legal Assistant. Supporting Rebecca Freeman

Michele Bennett- Conveyancing executive

Shannon Doyle Conveyancing assistant supporting Rebecca Freeman

Probate Fees


We have set out below the fees we charge for a straightforward application to obtain a Grant of Probate, Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed or Grant of Letters of Administration:

For preparing the application and preparing an HMRC Form IHT205: £600 plus VAT (Total £720)

For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Forms IHT205 and IHT217: £700 plus VAT (Total £840)

For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Form IHT400 (a longer Inheritance Tax Form) but excluding any application for Residential Nil Rate Band: £850 plus VAT (Total £1,020).

For preparing the application and preparing HMRC Form IHT400 and to include making an application for Residential Nil Rate Band and/or Transferable Residential Nil Rate Band: £950 plus VAT (Total £1,140).

There is an additional fee payable in all cases of £155 to the Probate Registry for the issue of a Grant of Representation. A copy of the Grant that is stamped with the embossed seal of the Court costs 50p.
There is a fee payable of £7 maximum to a Commissioner for Oaths for each Executor or Administrator who applies for a Grant.

These costs are based on the time taken to prepare the application forms. Should the application be unusual in nature or in time required to make it we will advise you in advance of how much additional work is envisaged and what the additional costs would be.

The fees do not include any charges for the administration of a deceased estate.

The Administration of a deceased estate would be charged at an hourly rate. This would involve all the elements of winding up and distributing a deceased estate. It would not include any costs incurred for the sale of particular assets (i.e selling a house or a stockbroker’s commission selling shares). A lot depends on the complexity of the estate and the number of beneficiaries. Recent costs have ranged from £1,850 plus VAT to £7,900 plus VAT.

The costs of locating beneficiaries (Genealogist’s fees) would be extra and would depend on the amount of research undertaken.
The work is carried out by Matthew Knight, who is a solicitor who qualified in 1998 and has practised in this area since then. Matthew Knight’s present hourly charging rate is £195 per hour plus VAT.(£234 per hour incl VAT). This rate is subject to review.

Matthew Knight is supported by:

Tina Facey – a qualified legal Executive and very experienced member of the department

Dawn Cummins – legal Assistant and experienced support team member.

If you would like to know more please call Matthew Knight on 02380 849381

Other areas of work

Please contact the office if you wish to discuss our fees for any other area of work we do. Our team are always happy to help.