Family Law


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We offer advice on the following:


There are potentially three aspects of divorce including the divorce itself, a financial settlement between the parties dealing with a fair and reasonable sharing of the family assets and providing where appropriate for financial support going forward, and arrangements for the children.

Children’s issues

Child arrangement Orders (how much time the child shall spend with each parent) Specific issue (for example the choice of schools) Parental Responsibility (the legal right to be involved in making decisions about the bigger issues in a child’s life for example changing a child’s surname) Prohibited Steps Orders (Orders made by the Court on application by one party for example to stop a child being taken moved to a different part of the country). We believe that a sensitive constructive and non confrontational approach is normally appropriate when dealing with issues affecting children and try to encourage  a working relationship between the parents which will reduce the immediate emotional distress for the children and prove the foundation for good workable arrangements in the future.

Cohabitation disputes

Disputes over the legal ownership of assets owned by one party or the other or both during the course of the relationship.  The law governing unmarried couples is at the moment very different to that of divorcing couples in terms of how the finances are dealt with.

Civil Partnerships

Advice on rights and responsibilities going into a civil partnership and advice on the implications of separation and dissolution of the partnership.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Formal  agreements which set out what the couple have agreed should happen to the family assets in the event of their marriage breaking down.

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