The Waring Partnership Issue Wills Warning

People are increasingly putting themselves and their loved ones at risk through not having a Will. It is estimated that two thirds of us have not made a Will and believe that their next of kin will automatically receive their assets.

This is simply not true. Paul Waring comments; “Married people can wrongly assume that when they die their estate automatically goes to their partner. This is not always the case as it could go to other living relatives. Another misconception is that ‘unmarried’ partners inherit the estate. Where children are concerned, guardians should be appointed in the Will so should anything happen to both parents, the children would be looked after by guardians chosen by you not the courts!

Paul adds, “Dying without a Will (this is called intestacy) means that the law gets to decide what happens to your estate. It is hard to imagine the total chaos and distress that can be created at an already emotionally charged time if a Will hasn’t been left. Having a Will is vital to safeguard your family.”

Another problem arises when someone passes on and the family needs to find the Will quickly and easily. In a recent survey conducted by the legal professions Will Register and Will search service, 67% of people did not know where their parents’ Will’s were located or which solicitor holds the originals.

300,000 people die intestate every year due to a Will not being written or found. The Waring Partnership is part of the ‘Certainty’ the solicitors’ network that registers and searches for Wills on behalf of their clients. A registered Will enables the solicitor to search and locate it quickly on behalf of family when a loved one has passed on.

Paul says; “The biggest misconception is that writing a Will brings you closer to ‘the end’ and it is expensive. Neither is true and in fact many clients have reported that they feel an unexpected sense of relief when they know these affairs are in order. Having your Will professionally written by a solicitor and registered is vital.”

“Having your Will registered is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones – our clients will now have the peace of mind that their loved ones can easily located their Will when the time comes. Matthew Knight is a specialist Wills probate and trusts Solicitor who will be happy to discuss this further with you.